Hair color – what is it Hair

Hair fiber has no color, bleach any hair and the fiber looks white simply because it reflects light. Hair color is provided by pigments produced by cells called “melanocytes”. The pigments are called “melanin”. Melanin actually means black so strictly speaking we should only use this word when talking about black hair. However,

Spring Afro Hair Tips

As we step out of winter into Spring, it’s important to pay close attention to our hair. The dramatic change in the weather, humidity, moisture and heat can have a damaging effect on the hair if care is not taken. In this blog we explore this effect and the attention and hair care regime that is required to keep the hair healthy,

Hair… your natural health barometer

Hair is sometimes called the ‘barometer of health’. It can reflect an individual’s lifestyle, indicating the stresses, tensions and variations in the body. The occasional night out is hardly likely to make a significant difference to the condition of our scalp, apart from a lack of shine perhaps but continued lifestyle stresses can result in dull lifeless hair.

Do I have dandruff?

Many scalp problems can often be triggered by stress and adverse external factors – like using the wrong shampoo. So before you decide on treatment lets discuss a little further…

Dry scalp conditions
If your scalp is scaling or shedding then it caused by the constant shedding of the outer layer of the skin.

Shampoos – Are you using the correct one?

We’re all in search of the perfect shampoo and we often need to try a variety to find the one most suited. Wash hair regularly at least once a week. Do remember the main purpose of any shampoo is to cleanse the hair and scalp and with this in mind, it is wise to choose a mild shampoo that won’t strip the hair.