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When I was young roughly about 13 I use to shave my hair a lot, pretending that i was my own barber I used to keep up with the patterns that were popular at the time. I even managed to do a Nike tick in the back of my head using two mirrors to see and a steady hand.

I then noticed small lumps had started to form at the back of my head, the top of my neck. At this point it did not bother me and did not hurt and as there was not much I continued to keep shaving my head. Sometimes it would bleed but as it did not hurt I didn’t notice until I was done.


After a few years it started to itch to the point where i could not help but scratch it so on numerous occasions from about 16 to 20 I went to see the a doctor about what I could do. The doctor told me it was from shaving but did not know how to cure it or what I could do so I just assumed the problem would go away and there was nothing I could do.

Before treatment (pic left)

As I now knew the problem was shaving my hair I stopped, but it was too late. Over the next few years my head had got to the point where it had itched so much that I couldn’t stop scratching, I had scarred the initial cluster of bumps in the back of my head and now more lumps had started to form all over my head filled with puss and blood. My hair had also stopped growing in places so I had bald patches when I was 27 to 28.

I finally decided I needed to seriously do something about this because not only had I lost a lot of hair but my head was in excruciatingly pain, I could no longer lay even the gentlest of touch on it without feeling a stabbing sensation.

I finally decided I needed to do something about it and went to see trichologist Shirley Mcdonald who started immediate treatment for me. It was also the first time anyone had told me what was wrong with me. It was called folliculitis nuchea.

Shirley instructed me to stop using all shampoos, grease and oils on my hair because it was blocking my hair growth and prescribed me shampoos and cream that would help my situation. She also wrote to my doctor to alert them that I had an infection in my scalp (which was the reason why it was spreading and pussing) and advised antibiotics until it had cleared down.


Shirley also made me aware that my diet played an important part in my scalp and hair growth and suggested supplements and foods that promote a healthier head.

After treatment (pic left)


Now two years on, age 30, my head does not hurt, does not itch or puss and all the bumps have gone apart from the scars I made. Most of my hair has grown back and is very healthy,  I have one bald patch left which got too damaged to revive but you would even notice I had a problem with my head and i still only buy shampoos and cream from Shirley,  it’s the only thing I trust to go in my head. I just wish I’d seen Shirley sooner and I might have saved myself all this trouble.

Kieran Walters.

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